WATCH: Vaseline baby goes viral

WATCH: Vaseline baby goes viral

An hilarious video of a mom trying to get Vaseline off her baby has gone viral.

vaseline baby

Kids are a handful at the best of times, and when you leave them unattended for even the shortest time, they will get up to mischief.

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In a video shared on TikTok, you can see a mom trying to scoop Vaseline off her daughter’s head back into the container.

Apparently, the parents left their daughter in the room for a short while, during which she managed to get into the Vaseline and smear it all over herself.

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The video has left South Africans rolling with laughter, and they took to the comments saying: “This is how Vaseline should be advertised on TV” and “Vaseline has that thing that attracts kids I swear.”.

Watch the video below:


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Image: bandilemzolo/TikTok

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