Amateurish jewellery thief fails to lift gold chain
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Amateurish jewellery thief fails to lift gold chain

A 27-year-old man in Thailand tried to run away with a gold chain worth more than R8,000, but the jewellery store's owner outwitted him. 

stealing a chain

For as long as jewellery stores are operational, there will be someone who attempts to rob them. CCTV or security guards can hardly stand in the way of a man determined to lift a gold chain. But maybe a good old-fashioned locked door can? 

A 27-year-old man named Suphachai Panthong tried to steal a gold necklace from a shop in Choburi, Thailand but quickly learned that to pull off a heist you need to research and prepare for all possibilities. 

Panthong asks to try on a gold necklace and after he closed the clasp he bolted for the door, attempting to make a break for it. But the store owner was a few steps ahead of the would-be jewel thief: he locked the door remotely so that the man couldn't get out. 

Panthong was forced to turn back and give the chain - reported to be worth more than R8,000 - back to the store owner. And, to add insult to injury, he had to wait for police to come to the shop. 

Panthong said he was only trying to make extra money as he had recently lost his job. He admitted to the crime and was remanded in custody

Image: Newsflare

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