Appel explains how Roan Ash's songs came to life

Appel explains how Roan Ash's songs came to life

Singer-songwriter, Appel, wrote award-winning songs for South African musicians and is not planning to stop anytime soon. 

Appel on the Scenic Drive/Supplied
Appel on the Scenic Drive/Supplied

Christoph Kotze, also known as Appel, is one of South Africa’s most prolific contemporary Afrikaans songwriters. 

He has written hit songs for artists including Theuns Jordaan, Karlien Van Jaarsveld, EDEN, Bok Van Blerk, Laurika Rauch and Dewald Wasserfall. 

Rian van Heerden is Kotze’s former media studies lecturer. 

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Kotze says it all (songwriting) started with Theuns Jordaan. He admits, ‘I see it as a gift. It is a gift from God. I can’t deny it.’

The Scenic Drive host, of course, got the Goema award-winning- Appel in for a reason. He has written chart-topping, award-winning songs for artists such as Roan Ash.

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He interestingly explains to Rian van Heerden how these songs came to life. 

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