LISTEN: Rian almost got conned by Afrikaans man in Istanbul
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LISTEN: Rian almost got conned by Afrikaans man in Istanbul

Rian recently travelled to Europe - listen as he details how he almost got conned in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Monday, 7 January 2019 marked the day that many South Africans headed back to work. While it might be seen as a 'Blue Monday' by many - it is also a great opportunity to share some December holiday stories.

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Rian, who recently visited a few countries in Europe, shared some of his favourite moments from his visit- one of them being a visit to Berlin. The two things that he will always remember is Berlin's sense of style and their ability to park.

"They look like they all stepped out of a GQ catalogue. They put effort into what they wear and they look unbelievably good. The other thing is the way they park... I have never met a South African that can park like that." Rian added that they are the masters of parallel parking.

For Rian, the Viennese come across as quite stuck-up, but it was an incident at the airport in Istanbul that left Rian in disbelief. Rian detailed how a man, with a heavy Turkish accent, came up to him and offered him a "tour" of the city. After politely declining, the man came back and their next interaction left Rian in shock. 

Have a listen to what happened here:

Rian further shared his interesting attempt at bargaining for a better deal at a Turkish Delight shop, listen to it here:

What were some of your most shocking experiences while travelling? Share them in the comments section below.

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