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Download your free "Lallie's Laugh" ringtone here now!

You asked for it and Thabiso Khambule came through. Here is your free "Lallie's Laugh" ringtone!

thabiso khambule with melissa
Jacaranda FM

Go to Audio on Demand on the Jacaranda FM website now and download the Lallie's Laugh ringtone. Now you can have Thabiso Khambule's good vibes with you wherever you are!

Thabiso's laugh is a highly recognisable part of The Scenic Drive with Rian. Our listeners write in week after week to share how hearing his infectious laugh instantly brightens up their day. 

Now, you will have the opportunity to carry the laugh in your pocket for a quick pick-me-up. Even if it's a bill collector calling, you will be too happy to notice!

Thabiso had no idea that Rian had planned to turn his signature laugh into a ringtone.

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