Australian bar slammed for 'sexist' cocktail
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Australian bar slammed for 'sexist' cocktail

A bar called Little Jack Horner in Australia came under fire for a tequila cocktail which they called "To-Kill-Her". 

woman in black drinks cocktail

Half the work of a bartender is coming up with fun new names for the drinks they serve. Gone are the days of the ordinary cosmopolitan or old-fashioned. These days, the name of the drink has to have personality; it needs to sound even better than the drink will surely taste. 

It's not surprising, then, that Little Jack Horner, a bar and restaurant in New South Wales, Australia has taken to serving drinks called "Flowers in her Hair" and "Smoked Espresso Martini". But it is their tequila, orange and grapefruit bitters concoction that has raised the ire of cocktail lovers in the region. 

The drink was called "To-Kill-Her", a play on words that did not sit well with patrons, who pointed out that it made light of the scourge of violence against women. Offended patrons took to Facebook to air their dissatisfaction in the review section of the establishment's Facebook page. 

The owner of Little Jack Horner, Brenton McHatton says the "To-Kill-Her" has been on the menu for three years with no complaints.

Nonetheless, the drink has been renamed "To-Love-Her" and remains on the menu. But will it leave a bitter taste in the mouth now that it has been under public scrutiny?

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