Be wary of the TikTok trend involving April 24th

Be wary of the TikTok trend involving April 24th

The newest rumour on TikTok is a disgrace and we call on the social media platform to act now to stop it!


The latest rumour circulating on TikTok is that April 24th has been declared 'National Rape Day'; whether fact or fiction, it is unclear right now.

According to Newsweek, trolls are trying to make this day a viral trend. A group of men have declared April 24th a national day for carrying out rape and sexual assault. 

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The group of men originally posted TikTok clips urging fellow men to participate in acts of sexual violence on this day. 

It is not yet sure if this rumoured trend or movement was intended to be a joke or not. Regardless of its intention, it is deplorable.

Other TikTok users warned others of this tasteless trend:

Actress and radio host, Philicity Reeken, who was a victim of sexual assault, weighed in on the rumoured trend. 

"This is absolutely disgusting. We as women experience so much crime against us and now we must also experience something like this. If it is a joke or not, it's awful."

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