"I was only 7" - Philicity Reeken breaks her silence about being raped

"I was only 7" - Philicity Reeken breaks her silence about being raped

On Tuesday, the Scenic Drive's Philicity Reeken opened up about something she has been silent about for a very long time.

Philicity Reeken
Jacaranda FM/ Wesley Rhode

"I was only 7," these were the first words when Philicity Reeken shared her story. 

"It was a manipulative, conniving stranger who convinced me that he could get me tickets to the circus. I realised something was wrong when he took my hand. I saw two women in the distance and I wanted to scream. He told me if I scream, he will kill me," this is how Reeken remembers the moment that has stuck with her until today. 

"The act took my innocence away."

"I think it made me quite wary of men and it made me question my judgement," Reeken confessed that she cannot forgive him (the stranger) nor can she forgive someone that rapes someone. "You take away something from someone that they will never forget." 

She further explains that it taught her that she had to speak up if she ever feels uncomfortable. "I have to trust my gut."

In South Africa, many citizens are the victims of rape. 

According to The Citizen, police recorded 41,583 rapes in 2018/19, up from 40,035 rapes in 2017/18. This means an average of 114 rapes were recorded by the police each day.

"I would like victims to know that they don't have to deal with this themselves. Reach out to a trusted friend, therapist, an adult, even the SADAG helpline. Anyone really. Keep telling your truth loud until someone hears you." 

Reeken added that victims should remember that it is never their fault: "It's never you. If you did or didn't fight or scream, it does not make you less of a victim. What you drank, wore, said, or did never makes you complicit. 

"It does get better because this doesn't define you as a person."

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