Beachgoers narrowly escape death as cliff face collapses
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Beachgoers narrowly escape death as cliff face collapses

Beachgoers on the island of Zakynthos had to run to safety after a cliff face began collapsing.

cliff face falls in navigio
Beachgoers on the Greek island had to run for cover./YouTube screenshot/Viral Hog

Lovers of beachside holidays would like to believe that the worst thing that can happen is bad sunburn, but, unfortunately, the wonders of the ocean can't all be accounted for. 

Beachgoers at Navigio Beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos were shocked to find their time near the shore interrupted by a landslide

Reporting on the cause of the landslide, AP News said: "A large rock initially fell from a cliff into the sea at Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach, on the northwestern coast of the island, creating a large wave that capsized small boats". 

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People who had been relaxing on the beach immediately started running for cover.

Seven beachgoers were injured, with one needing to be treated for fractures in her vertebrae. 

Image courtesy of Viral Hog

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