Comedian recreates 'My Octopus Teacher' with hilarious 'My Kreepy Teacher'

Comedian recreates 'My Octopus Teacher' with hilarious 'My Kreepy Teacher'

Comedian Glen Biderman-Pam recreated 'My Octopus Teacher' with 'My Kreepy Teacher' - and it's the most hilarious recreation you will see today. 

My Kreepy Teacher
Instagram/ Glen Biderman-Pam

In 2010, the renowned nature filmmaker Craig Foster started free-diving in the icy ocean waters of the Western Cape, South Africa. Foster was suffering from debilitating burnout and adrenal fatigue, and was desperate for radical change.

Help came - and it came in the form of an octopus. Foster saw her (the octopus) as more of a guide or mentor, with valuable lessons that taught him about the fragility of life and the deep connection between the human and natural worlds.

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The resulting Netflix original documentary, 'My Octopus Teacher', chronicles the year-long relationship between man and octopus.

The film captures one of the most touching and unusual friendships.

South African comedian Glen Biderman-Pam recreated the film - and made it his own by naming his film, 'My Kreepy Teacher'.

'My Kreepy Teacher' takes us on a journey of one South African's newfound relationship with his Kreepy Krauly.

Witness the bond between a man and a Kreepy Krauly below: 

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