'My Octopus Teacher': What can we learn from sea creatures?

'My Octopus Teacher': What can we learn from sea creatures?

Can sea creatures teach us something or change our lives? A marine biologist explains.

My Octopus Teacher

In 2010, the renowned nature filmmaker Craig Foster started free-diving in the icy ocean waters of the Western Cape, South Africa. Foster was suffering from debilitating burnout and adrenal fatigue and was desperate for radical change.

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Help came - and it came in the form of an octopus. 

Foster saw her (the octopus) as more of a guide or mentor, with valuable lessons that taught him about the fragility of life and the deep connection between the human and natural worlds.

The resulting Netflix original documentary, 'My Octopus Teacher', chronicles the year-long relationship between man and octopus.

The film captures one of the most touching and unusual friendships.

A marine biologist and CEO of Two Oceans Aquarium Maryke Musson joined the Scenic Drive to talk about what we can learn from sea animals - and how they can change your life.

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