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Craig brought the Scenic Cruizer back in one piece!

Despite a previous accident in his own car, Craig was very responsible with the Scenic Cruizer.

craig cruizer
Jacaranda FM

Last week, Scenic Drive listeners weighed in on whether or not Craig should be given a chance with the Scenic Cruizer.

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We all had our doubts about what kind of a driver Craig was after he sent through a picture of his own badly damaged car:

craigs car

But everyone deserves a second chance, right? Craig promised to take very good care of the Scenic Cruizer while he was out on the town:

He decided to pick someone up for a date at a Mexican restaurant. From the looks of things, they had a great time.

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craig and date
Jacaranda FM
craig and date 2
Jacaranda FM

If you also want a chance at a day of fun in the Scenic Cruizer courtesy of We Buy Cars, send your request through to [email protected]

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