Desmond Dube was almost arrested at Jacaranda FM offices!

Desmond Dube was almost arrested at Jacaranda FM offices!

Beloved South African entertainer Desmond Dube visited the Scenic Drive to add his perspective to the issue of corrupt cops asking for bribes. He was so persuasive in the role of a crooked officer that the authorities showed up to the studio meaning to arrest him! Here's what happened. 

Police search, manhunt
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Rian van Heerden has been fired up about the way traffic officers are so quick to ask drivers for bribes.

Rian was chatting to Desmond Dube when Dube decided to have a bit fun by playing a "corrupt cop" character on air.

His portrayal was so believable that the police and Crime Intelligence arrived at the Jacaranda FM offices in Midrand ready to arrest this "corrupt cop", minutes after the interview. On arrival, they found out that the "corrupt cop" was actually the much-loved South African entertainment personality.

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Talk about a speedy response!

Watch as Desmond explains exactly what happened:

And we are very happy to know that SAPS and Crime Intelligence listen to Jacaranda FM!


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