Security specialist Mike Bolhuis means business

Security specialist Mike Bolhuis means business

Security specialist and top investigator Mike Bolhuis shared some of his expertise with Rian and the team ahead of the launch of his KykNET series, Bolhuis. 

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Top South African investigator and security specialist Mike Bolhuis has played an integral role in a number of the country's high profile crime investigations. His focus is serious violent and serious economic crimes, and in his work he has brought drug lords and syndicates to book. 

On his new show, Bolhuis, which will air on KykNET from 10 October, viewers can expect to see Bolhuis dealing with cases ranging from drug trafficking to murder. He spoke to Rian about bringing his work to the small screen. 

Rian thought Bolhuis would also be able to help him with one of his ongoing projects: the search for the Scenic Drive Driver. Dup phoned in and said that he was up for any challenge and was not afraid to push the boundaries. 

What better way for Rian to test whether that is true than to have Dup interview Bolhuis under some... rather stressful conditions? See how Dup held up in the video below. 

Bolhuis believes he is born to help people by solving crimes. Asked to sum up who Mike Bolhuis is in a simple sentence, the investigator said: "I say what I mean and I mean what I say".

He says some may call him anti-social but it's just the way he is: he prefers to stay in and spend time with his family rather than going to braais and he is completely satisfied with that.

So, is there anything that this tough investigator can't handle? Admittedly, not much. But Bolhuis does mention that if there is one type of case that disturbs him deeply, it is any investigation involving abuse of animals. He says that is the one "chink in his armour", and that is why he has some of the other people on his team deal with these heartbreaking cases. 

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