Discussing solutions for gender-based violence in South Africa

Discussing solutions for gender-based violence in South Africa

A panel of experts discussed solutions for gender-based violence in South Africa on the Scenic Drive. 

GBV Experts

Gender-based violence in South Africa

Reports indicate that South Africa has one of the highest incidences of domestic violence in the world. Every year, hundreds of women are buried due to their partners killing them. Sadly, the numbers keep increasing. 

Over the past two weeks, the deaths of Tshego Pule and Naledi Phangindawo, who were both allegedly killed by their partners, dominated the news. The two are just a few of the women who have suffered abuse at the hands of their lovers.

Psychologist explains

Itai Propheta, a Clinical Psychologist, told Jacaranda FM there are several factors that cause gender-based violence. 

"The problem of GBV is a long-standing issue that we as a society have failed to address."

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Different forms of GBV

According to Propheta, GBV comes in several different forms:

1) Physical violence
2) Sexual violence (Both rape and sexual assault)
3) Psychological/emotional abuse
4) Denial of resources, opportunities or services
5) Forced marriage

Factors that play a role in GBV

Some of the factors that are at play in GBV include culture and religion, which place men in a powerful position in relation to women. Some studies have shown that children who have been exposed to violence at home are more likely to normalise violence in their relationships later in their lives. Economic factors also play a role in GBV. Women who are financially dependent on their partners tend to be at a higher risk of GBV. Alcohol and substance abuse is another factor in GBV.

Philicity Reeken, who was raped at age seven, and the Scenic Drive have been discussing and raising their voices against GBV against women and children. Last week, the Scenic Drive asked listeners what men can do to protect women and children in South Africa. 

The Scenic Drive invited a panel of experts to talk about GBV and possible solutions. 

Aim of the panel

The aim of the panel is to discuss immediate interventions to fight the scourge of GBV in SA that has become even more prevalent during the lockdown.

As the Scenic Drive, we have had discussions around the matter and also solicited input from our listeners (predominantly male listeners) on interventions. We appreciate, however, that the matter is a lot more complicated than one discussion and also believe that experts would be better suited to advise on interventions. 

Panel members:

Professor Rachel Jewkes (Facilitator)

  • Director of the What Works to Prevent Violence Global Programme, as well the Executive Scientist: Research Strategy in the SAMRC Office of the President and Secretary of the Sexual Violence Research Initiative. She is an Honorary Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand School of Public Health and a public health physician.

Dr Nthabiseng Moleko

  • Commissioner for the Commission of Gender Equality (CGE). Her role enables her to advance the economic empowerment of women in society, with a focal point on rural and marginalised youth.

Prof. Jaco Barkhuizen

  • President of the Criminological Society of Africa (CRIMSA)
  • Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Limpopo (UL)

Kayan Leung

  • Policy Development and Advocacy Manager, Sonke Gender Justice 

Listen to solutions

Organizations who offer support and resources to victims of GBV: (This is by no means an exhaustive list)

Lifeline – 011 728 1347

The Frida Harley Shelter - https://www.fridahartley.org/

011 648 6005 or [email protected]

The Rape Crisis centre -https://rapecrisis.org.za/

Rape Crisis Centre has a 24-hour Crisis Line 021 447 9762 (Head offices are in Cape Town)

Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training (Adapt) - http://www.adapt.org.za/

011 786 6608 or [email protected]

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) - https://www.powa.co.za/POWA/

011 642 4345 or [email protected]

Sonke Gender Justice - https://genderjustice.org.za/

Shukumisa - https://shukumisa.org.za/

A beautiful song was released to honour the women who lost their lives due to GBV during the past few weeks.

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