Doctor from Valkenberg Hospital talks 'Madness'

Doctor from Valkenberg Hospital talks 'Madness'

Dr Sean Baumann spent decades as a psychiatrist at Valkenberg Hospital. He joined the Scenic Drive to talk about his new book, 'Madness'.

Depressed man with head bowed
Depressed man with head bowed/ iStock

For many of us, what lies beyond conventional portrayals of mental illness is often shrouded in mystery, misconception and fear.

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Dr Baumann is a psychiatrist who has spent years studying different mental disorders. 

He recently released a book called 'Madness' to explain and describe the lived experiences of those who suffer from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar and other disorders.

Dr Baumann joined the Scenic Drive to discuss mental disorders with Rian, Philicity and Joe Mann. 

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"We need to be respectful of people who suffer from mental disorders. 

"The patients in the (Valkenberg) hospital take care of and support each other. We had a male patient who believed he gave birth to a baby. The other patients took care of him and cuddled the new-born baby (which was a pair of shoes)," says Dr Baumann. 


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