Drive: Mo Magic uses amazing tricks to entertain and inspire

Scenic Drive with Rian: Mo Magic uses amazing tricks to entertain and inspire

Mahommed Moorad, known to fans as Mo Magic, enjoys using magic tricks to entertain and inspire.

mo magic

Mahommed Moorad, a qualified electrical engineer and former project manager, has been entertaining audiences under the name Mo Magic for a total of 15 years. 

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Mo uses magic to inspire audiences, and believes that in life it is most important for you to do what brings you joy.

Mo began performing in the early 2000s while he was completing his studies in KZN. After a waiter spotted him performing tricks at a local Mugg & Bean, Mo got his first corporate gig, and he has not looked back since.

Mo is the first South African magician to have his own fully-commissioned prime time TV show, Magic with Mo, which aired on SABC 3. He also broke boundaries with his first live theatre magic show, which travelled countrywide. Mo has also had the opportunity to take his magic to Europe and the USA.

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Mo believes that there is a difference between simply performing magic tricks, and the art of magic - which is based more on skill and entertainment.

He visited the Scenic Drive studio to share his favourite trick with Rian and the team. 

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