Drive: Savage assistant foils all magician's tricks

Scenic Drive with Rian: Savage assistant foils all magician's tricks

This teenager is here for anyone who has ever been skeptical about magic tricks.

savage magician's assistant

People love magic tricks: the anticipation, the wonder, the big reveal. And there is always that question in the back of your mind: "how do they do it?"

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Tired of letting his friend take all the glory for his magic tricks, this teenager sat right by the magician's side and ruined each trick right before the big reveal:

Whether it was disappearing bottles or floating limbs, this teen was dedicated to letting the viewers know exactly what was up. It seems he has had enough of standing by while his magician friend takes people for a ride. 

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Our own local magician, Mo Magic, stopped by the Scenic Drive studio to show off a few of his coolest tricks. Watch the video below:

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