This Durban police officer is a social media sensation

This Durban police officer is a social media sensation

Sanele Sophazi takes her job as a police officer very seriously, but people are taking more notice of her Instagram account, instead. 

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Police officers are allowed to show their personalities when they're out after hours, as long as they don't do anything to bring shame upon their profession. So news that a Pinetown police officer receives thousands of likes and has built up a small but avid fan base through her Instagram posts should not raise any concerns. 

But when is what constable Sanele Sophazi does on Instagram considered detrimental for her professional career? As it stands, Sophazi says when she is out performing her duties during roadblocks, citizens say "It's really her!", meaning they take being stopped as a chance to meet someone "famous" than as a sign that they may have broken any important rules. 

Sophazi enjoys posting pictures of herself and her colleague, known only as Andile, on her Instagram page. She uses the account in much the same way we all do: to share fun moments from her life with her followers. The comments on the pictures are mainly about how beautiful Sophazi is, with one person saying: "It's my first time see the beautiful female police like you. [sic]"

Sophazi has been featured in the Sowetan newspaper and has said that boutique owners on Instagram often approach her to be the ambassador for their brands. 

Sophazi maintains that she is a professional and wants to be respected as such: "I don’t have a problem telling people where to get off. I want to be respected for my job and not my looks."

Image: Sanelberry

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