Former English footballer caught in road rage incident
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Former English footballer caught in road rage incident

The moment Jamie Carragher spat at a fan has been caught on camera. The ex-footballer and Sky Sports anchor has since apologised for his behaviour. 

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In the world of football, rivalries can get heated very quickly. What starts as friendly banter between opposite sides can escalate into pitch-side brawls before security guards know what is happening. 

So what happens when an argument moves from the pitch to the highway on your drive home?

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One fan found out just how far he could push Jamie Carragher, retired England and Liverpool player, this past weekend. 

After the Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United, Jamie was on the road alongside a fan who was also travelling back from the stadium. 

According to reports, the driver of the other vehicle commented on the outcome of the match: '2-1, 2-1, unlucky Jamie lad, 2-1 lad'.

If this footage of Jamie spitting at the driver of the car is any indication, Jamie did not take kindly to the dig at his former team.

Jamie has since apologised for his behaviour, saying the incident was not a true reflection of who he is. Sky has suspended Jamie from shows until further notice.

Meanwhile, former BBC 2 Radio host and journalist Jeremy Vine has criticised the driver for his irresponsible behaviour:

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