The Freedom Challenge: The Race Across South Africa

The Freedom Challenge: The Race Across South Africa

'The Freedom Challenge: The Race Across South Africa' is an unforgettable adventure by bike which takes riders to remote parts of South Africa where they will experience the true splendour of the country and the warm hospitality of its people.

Riding a bicycle / Pexels
Riding a bicycle / Pexels

The Freedom Challenge is an initiative that has the following objectives:

1.) To establish the Freedom Trail, a mountain bike trail across South Africa;

2.) To organise events along the trail including the annual Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa, the Race to Rhodes, the Spring Ride to Rhodes and the Race from Rhodes/Stormberg Sprint. In addition to events, to facilitate tours along the trail throughout the year;

3.) To support communities and community initiatives along the trail through projects such as the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund, the establishment of local mountain bike clubs and experiential learning programmes Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund The Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund stems from the social awareness of mountain bikers participating in the Freedom Challenge events. 

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In 2009, a group of riders were so moved by the social underdevelopment along the route, that they took it upon themselves to assist the communities that they cycled through. As a direct result, the scholarship fund was created. 

Now, each year the riders raise funds as part of the Freedom Challenge Event. These funds are used for education scholarships, which are awarded to promising learners from areas through which the trail runs. The scholars are afforded the opportunity to attend the Maria Zell Mission School for their high school years and in this way contribute to uplifting these communities. 

Due to the nature of the terrain and time of year, the Race Across South Africa is a physically and mentally demanding undertaking – to complete this challenge, riders need to be adequately trained, equipped, and prepared. Apart from the fitness, riders also need to be proficient at navigation and bike maintenance.

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Since the route is not marked, riders need to navigate by means of maps, compass, and narrative directions – the use of GPS devices during the race is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.

You can track and follow the riders by clicking HERE!

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