Gerald Burger leads a spirit haunting a Centurion home to peace

Gerald Burger leads a spirit haunting a Centurion home to peace

Rian van Heerden and The Scenic Drive's resident psychic Gerald Burger ventured into a haunted home at the weekend in search of answers about Gisela and her "benevolent ghost". Here's what happened. 

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Rian van Heerden asked listeners of The Scenic Drive to share their haunted house stories with him and, of course, they did not disappoint.

The most intriguing story came from Gisela, who told Rian about a ghost in her home who was fond of walking around in a pair of red underwear. Gisela told Rian that the man had committed suicide in the house. 

Not one to let the opportunity for a good ghost hunt pass him by, Rian sprang into action and enlisted resident psychic Gerald Burger, a few paranormal experts and a very reluctant Marcelle Gordon for a trip to Gisela's house. 

The group arrived expecting to hear the story of the man who committed suicide (whose name is Martin), but left having had a completely different experience. 

Gerald told Gisela how Martin felt at ease in the house and added that he did not feel distress when he died. 
Gisela said that she would like for Martin to move on. Gerald and Gisela then prayed for Martin to find peace. In this way, the story of a haunted house got a happy ending. 

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