'Grumpy Old Homos' keep the Scenic Drive entertained

'Grumpy Old Homos' keep the Scenic Drive entertained

The 'Grumpy Old Homos' duo joined the Scenic Drive for a few fun challenges...

Grumpy Old Homo's

Trevor Harper and Mark Hawkins are both retired, and to keep themselves busy they decided to start posting fun and hilarious videos on Facebook to entertain their followers. 

The duo called themselves the 'Grumpy Old Homos' and have received thousands of views on Facebook for their videos. 

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Trevor is widely regarded as a versatile arts practitioner, an accomplished pianist, vocalist and musical director, and Mark is trained in dance and drama.

The duo joined the Scenic Drive to talk about their Facebook videos and to take up a few challenges that they will have to do live on Facebook.

The first challenge the duo had to do was the Doodle Challenge. Things got a bit too hot - and they had the undress and tried their luck at the Pillow Challenge. 

The final challenge was the Blinding Lights Challenge. 

You can subscribe to their YouTube channel 'Grumpy Old Homos.' 

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