Hide your hangover with this special 'whiskey perfume'

Hide your hangover with this special 'whiskey perfume'

Rachna Hukmani makes whiskey-infused perfumes for the luxury market. 

rachma hukmani

Whiskey specialist and designer Rachna Hukmani says it's a good time for women to be in the whiskey making business. Citing Elizabeth Cumming, who started a distillery at Cardhu before selling it to Johnnie Walker and Sons late in the 19th century. 

Today Hukmani continues the tradition of women making whiskey by using her sensibility for ingredients to blend in whiskeys and cocktails to enchant diners who frequent her Whiskey Stories events. In an effort to branch out and innovate even further, Hukmani has announced that she will be selling whiskey-based luxury perfumes. 

"Why not use some of the most legendary whiskeys out there to create a fragrance?" Hukmani asks. 

Hukmani has three fragrances currently available in four- or five-millilitre vials. Asked what she hopes to achieve with her whiskey perfumes, she says: "What I'm trying to do is show how diverse whiskey can be and how it can appeal to a lot of different people."

Many luxury perfumes are already alcohol-based, but they don't smell like anything you would want on the rocks. Could Hukmani's product potentially change the way people feel about carrying the fragrance of alcohol on their skin?

Image: Whiskey Stories LLC

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