"I'm feeling fine" - eNCA anchor shares experience after testing positive for COVID-19

"I'm feeling fine" - eNCA anchor shares experience after testing positive for COVID-19

eNCA news anchor Shahan Ramkissoon has tested positive for COVID-19. Ramkissoon joined the Scenic Drive to share the experience.

Shahan Ramkissoon
Instagram/ Shahan Ramkissoon

While the Scenic Drive team is on air, the studio TV is on eNCA to get the latest news headlines. The person we see while broadcasting is the stylish Shahan Ramkissoon.

On Monday, eNCA and Ramkissoon confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19. 

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According to eNCA, Ramkissoon started feeling ill last week and was advised to go for testing on Friday. The results came back positive on Monday, 22 June, and he will remain off-air until the end of the stipulated 14-day isolation period.

The Scenic Drive team invited Ramkissoon for a telephonic interview to talk about his experience and coping with the virus. 

Ramkissoon is currently at home isolating. 

"I have very mild symptoms at the moment. I was sick last week - and it felt like a normal flu."

"I tested on Friday because none of the antibiotics were working. The doctor sent me for testing and the results came back positive." 

"I am home and feeling fine. Everyone has different symptoms, and thankfully mine have been very mild."

On Monday, Ramkissoon spoke out about him being positive - and want to change the negative view people have regarding the virus. 

"I want to get rid of the negative status of COVID-19. I tried everything to not get the virus - but now I have it and I don't care who or what gave it to me."

"I was anxious when I received the results, but I have mild symptoms and this is a reminder for me to do everything I want to do because you only have one life."

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