'It's Not About The Bats': Adam Cruise believes we must reset our relationship with nature

'It's Not About The Bats': Adam Cruise believes we must reset our relationship with nature

Adam Cruise is an investigative environmental journalist who believes that humans must reset their relationship with nature.  

Adam Cruise
Supplied/ Adam Cruise

On Monday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that the coronavirus was "very likely" first passed from bats to humans via another animal.

Adam Cruise, an investigative environmental journalist, travel writer, and academic, believes that humans have to change their relationship with nature. 

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According to Cruise, it’s not about the bats, it’s about you, me, and our governments. As COVID-­19 has brought drastic change to our world, the time for this idea has come - we need to re­set our relationship with nature. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on how human expansion on earth has led to an increase in zoonotic viruses jumping species and calls on us to re­examine our rampant commercialisation of nature and animals in farming, wildlife management and in our diets. At the heart of the problem is ‘anthropocentrism’: our egotistical view that ecosystems, plants, trees and other animals exist for the benefit of humans, and humans alone," Cruise wrote. 

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Adam Cruise joined the Scenic Drive with Rian to talk about his new book, 'It's Not About The Bats', and how we need to reset our behaviour with nature.

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Image: Supplied/ Adam Cruise

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