Make My Monday: Brand new car tyres for listener

Make My Monday: Brand new car tyres for listener

With the help of SafetyGrip, the Scenic Drive team was able to help a listener with new tyres for her car. 

Car Service

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Ilona McFarlane to assist with two new tyres for her car after a hard time. 

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"I feel terrible in asking for some assistance but since COVID-19 hit last year, we have really been struggling and as my husband is self-employed work is really scarce out there. I never ask for anything for myself but would really like to get two new tyres for my car. I keep trying to save some money by making things and trying to sell them but then something will break or happen and the money has to be used.

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"I would really appreciate it if you could make my Monday, it will be the best thing that could happen this year," McFarlane continued. 

Compliments of SafetyGrip

SafetyGrip in Cosmo Business Park would like to help her with new tyres for her car! SafetyGrip retails in all segments of the tyre industry. 

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