Make My Monday: Security panic button system for mother and twin daughters

Make My Monday: Security panic button system for mother and twin daughters

With the help of CPG Security, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist a mother and her twin daughters. 


The Scenic Drive team received a heartwarming letter from a mother, Pauline Baxendale, for more safety for herself and her twin daughters. 

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"I have written before to Make My Monday, and had no luck, but I am really hoping this time you and your team might take the time to look at my request. I have twin daughters of 14 years old and they are in Grade 8," Baxendale wrote. 

They live in Gerdview, Germiston. 

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"My mom is a pensioner, recently, who lives with myself and my daughters, got a job which is in Centurion, and she stays there during the week and comes home on Sundays. So, when my mom wasn't working she would fetch my daughters and be at home with them during the day. Now for the last three weeks, she hasn't been able to do that. So I go fetch the girls after school, luckily home, school and work are not far apart. So it takes me only 30 minutes to leave work, fetch them and get them home."

Earlier this month, three men approached their house while her twin daughters were home alone. 

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"On 5 October 2021 at 14h30, there were three men at our gate, my one daughter went out to see what they wanted and they kept telling her to come closer. I have two dogs and my moms three dogs also stay on the property. She normally knows that she must keep everything locked up and not go out. I contacted my CPF lady in our area and she said she would happily phone her security company (CPG Armed Response) to go and see what's going on when it happens again."

It was suggested that Baxendale gets a panic button system. 

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"The panic button system costs R2500 once-off and then R300 a month. The problem is the R2500. I cannot afford it. I would really appreciate it if you could Make My Monday and help us with that."

Compliments of CPG Security:

CPG Security will sponsor a panic button system plus armed response for 12 months. The value of the sponsor is R2,500 and R3,600 and totals R6,100.

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