Make My Monday: New battery for pensioner to earn an income

Make My Monday: New battery for pensioner to earn an income

Mandy Landsberg from Mokopane received a brand new battery to help her earn much-needed money.

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Mandy Landsberg from Mokopane, wrote to the Scenic Drive to make her Monday.

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"My Monday will be made if I can get a new battery for my pickup, please. Without my bakkie, I do not have an income because I need it due to the work I do. The battery is saying goodbye and I just do not have the funds now to afford a new one. I work for myself and can only say I am a peddler," Landsberg wrote.

With the help of Willard Batteries, the Scenic Drive team was able to help Mandy Landsberg. 

Compliments of Willard Batteries: 

  • Willard Batteries has arranged a brand new battery at Far North Midas. Staff will also install the battery for her. 
  • Nicolaas from Far North Midas decided to donate a voucher worth R1000 - to shop for gardening or camping products. 

All this is valued at over R2500. 

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