Make My Monday: New fridge for listener

Make My Monday: New fridge for listener

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Bianca Kriel asking for their assistance with a new fridge - and Goldwagen gladly came to her rescue.


A listener wrote into the Scenic Drive asking for a replacement fridge for her old rusted appliance this Make My Monday.

Good day Rian,

I do not want to ask a lot today, and I know everyone has their struggles. I would like to ask for another fridge / freezer please, it does not even need to be a new one. Reason why I ask is, our fridge / freezer is rusted, it only gets worse, the rubbers also do not close nicely due to the age and the rust causes the fridge / freezer to thaw and then water runs under the fridge.

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I put a picture for here so you can see, when my husband and I got married there was no money for a new one. We got a fridge from my grandmother and grandfather, which they have used since I was a little girl, so it’s really old. 

We are trying to save up for a new one, however it is not possible, and we do not even have extra money to think of a new fridge / freezer. I am looking for extra income (2nd job) so we can only get through a month.

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It will mean a lot to me if you can help me with another fridge / freezer you are not going to make me Monday but my whole year.
Thanks in advance.


Bianca's request did not fall on deaf ears, as Goldwagen did not hesitate to help. Goldwagen is sponsoring Bianca with a brand-new fridge!

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