Make My Monday: New tattoo to cover "old, ugly" one

Make My Monday: New tattoo to cover "old, ugly" one

Henna Fourie wrote to the Scenic Drive to cover up her "old and ugly" tattoo that she regrets. 


Henna Fourie was "young and stupid" when she got her first tattoo. 

"I would like you not only to make my Monday but to boost my confidence," Fourie wrote to the Scenic Drive team.

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"When I was younger, I got a tattoo on my back, at a bike rally. But I then had to cover up because I didn't like the old tattoo. It has become really, REALLY ugly," Fourie continues. 

Fourie mentioned that she is ashamed of it - and would like someone to fix it for her. 

The Scenic Drive team and Joint Effort Tattoos in Edenvale decided to help her boost her confidence.

Henna Fourie

Compliments of Joint Effort Tattoos: 

Joint Effort Tattoos will help and fix her tattoo.

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