Make My Monday: Plane ticket for father to see son after two years

Make My Monday: Plane ticket for father to see son after two years

Louis D'Oliveira received a plane ticket to go see his son after two years - and to celebrate Christmas with him.

Louis D'Oliveira Make My Monday
Supplied/ Louis D'Oliveira and his son Nathan

Louis D'Oliveira wrote to the Scenic Drive team to make his Monday. 

"My ex-wife and son have been living in Cape Town for six years, I could still scrape together the money every year to drive or fly down to Cape Town to see my son, but this year it was impossible to get out there with the COVID-19 regulations and the shortage of funds as our salaries have also been cut.

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"I last saw my boy almost two years ago and it will make my heart incredibly happy if you can help with a plane ticket down to the Cape and back to Pretoria sometime in December."

Compliments to Lift - South Africa's brand new airline

  • A return flight from OR Tambo to Cape Town International Airport
  • Lift reached out to their partner - and they gifted him R2000 voucher to shop clothing, shoes and accessories for his son. 

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