Man caught stealing from airport luggage

Man caught stealing from airport luggage

 An airport employee was filmed stealing a portable speaker from a passenger's bags in Ibiza. 

baggage theft at airport
The baggage handler stealthily stole the speaker./YouTube

A man travelling on a Ryanair flight from Ibiza to Madrid was appalled to see a baggage handler stealing personal items out of passenger's luggage at a local airport, according to Ibizan newspaper Diario de Ibiza

The baggage handler was spotted taking a portable speaker out of a suitcase and quickly putting it into his pocket. He was reported to airline staff and was immediately ordered to return the speaker. 

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The speaker is valued at around €140 and was bought as a birthday present for the passenger's relative. The theft was a particularly risky move on the baggage handler's part as he had only been employed for three days at the time. 

The baggage handler, who is employed by the airport and not by Ryanair itself, is currently being investigated

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