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Marco Moolman will not let diabetes get him down

Bouwer Bosch stopped by with a big surprise for Marco. Watch it all below.

marco and bouwer
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Just about 14 years ago, Gerhard Moolman received the news that his 22-month-old son Marco had Type 1 Diabetes. This meant that little Marco's pancreas was not producing the insulin that his body needed, which resulted in dangerously low energy levels. 
Since then, Marco has had to test his blood glucose levels up to eight times a day by pricking his fingers to draw blood. 

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Living with diabetes requires a lot of discipline and a fighting spirit, both of which Marco has in great measure. At the age of sixteen, Marco is a competitive cyclist, placed in the top five percent in his category. His health challenges have not held him back.

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As part of the Changing Diabetes Cycling Relay in November 2017, Marco used his cycling as a platform to raise awareness about diabetes, in order to encourage people to get tested early. 

This World Diabetes Day, Marco visited the Scenic Drive to talk about living with diabetes and his efforts to raise awareness about the disease.

His favourite celebrity Bouwer Bosch stopped by the studio with a big surprise!

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