Meet the real McDonald's 'Hamburglar'

Meet the real McDonald's 'Hamburglar'

Tired of the poor service at her local McDonald's, this woman took matters into her own hands. 

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Staff at a McDonald's in Baltimore, Maryland got quite a surprise when they checked the CCTV footage before beginning another day of work. 

The previous evening, while there were no team members manning the drive-thru window, a customer decided to climb in and help herself. 

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After checking to see if anyone was around, the woman proceeded to serve herself a drink and have her pick of the menu. 

The woman reportedly spent a full half hour in the store, apparently with no fear of getting caught. 

How could there have been no staff present for such a long period of time?

The real-life Hamburglar even went as far as stealing some money from the shop, and eventually climbed out with a box of loot. 

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She covered her head, but only after she had shown the cameras a full view of her face. 

McDonald's has not commented on the incident, but Howard County police are offering a $500 reward for any information that could help identify the woman. 

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