Meet Thinus Pienaar - South Africa's crime magnet

Meet Thinus Pienaar - South Africa's crime magnet

There's having bad luck in life, and then there's this!

Thinus Pienaar

On Tuesday, we asked you to send us your crime stories. When we heard from Thinus Pienaar, we did not believe him at first.

Pienaar has been a victim of crime over 31 times!

When he stayed in Theresapark: 

His tiles were stolen twice. His lights and ceiling were ripped off, and the thieves came back for the stove.

When he stayed in Sunnyside:

His bakkie got broken into four times and his radio was stolen. When they came back the fifth time, they stole the bakkie. He then bought a Toyota Corolla which was damaged by a passerby.

He and his wife stayed in Sunnyside for several years until they were the victims of a house robbery one evening and they stole all of their groceries, as well as the TV.

When he stayed in Doornpoort:

They then moved to Doornpoort and their house was broken into 11 times in one year, and the thieves took everything from appliances to their clothes. 

He also mentioned that one night when he was home alone, they broke into the house twice while he was inside!

They then moved to somewhere else, still in the same neighbourhood, but thieves broke into their new home three times while they were there!

All in all, he has been the victim of crime over 31 times!

Can you believe all of this has happened to one person?

Pienaar joined us in studio on Wednesday to give us a summary of how all of this happened and how it has affected his life.

Take a listen to the interview below: 

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So what is being done about the constant crime in Pretoria?

Tshwane Claster Commander Tommy Mthombeni addressed the issue of crime in Pretoria and all the measures that are being put in place to reduce the crime rate.

He stressed the fact that it is easier to catch criminals if communities work together.

Take a listen to the full interview below:

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