Major anti-crime operation in Pretoria

Major anti-crime operation in Pretoria

A major anti-crime operation kicked off in the early hours of this morning, stretching over various suburbs in the east of Pretoria. 

Anti-Crime operation Pretoria_jacs
Photo: Maryke Vermaak

It follows complains by residents about a spike in especially burglaries and hijackings.


The joint operation by the South African Police Service (SAPS), private security and the Tshwane Metro Police combed through several areas, searching various properties, people and vehicles.


Brooklyn Police Station spokesperson Captain Collette Weilbach says they have identified various hotspots.


"We did a sweep operation. We started in Waterkloof Ridge this morning," Weilbach says.


"So far, we did not make any arrests, but I think it is important for the community to see that the police are visible and that we are preventing crime in the area."


Medical head of the Hi Risk Unit, Gareth Pahl, says they assisted in the search.


"We are searching for any drugs or wanted people with the police's MCD system, where they test the fingerprints to see if they are wanted anywhere in the country," Pahl says.

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