MUST WATCH: Gizelle lives in a haunted house and needs answers
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MUST WATCH: Gizelle lives in a haunted house and needs answers

The Scenic Drive resident psychic, Gerald Burger joined Gizelle to help her find some answers.

Gizelle Gower  & gERLAD bURGER
Gerald Burger & Gizelle Gower / Jacaranda FM.

Gizelle Gower from Waverley in Pretoria sent us a message saying she has experienced hauntings for the last couple of years.

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Gizelle shared her story with The Scenic Drive team: She is a teacher who first lived on a farm where everything started with a “ghost.” She moved from the farm to a townhouse in Centurion. After she moved, she still experienced moments with the “ghost”.

After her divorce with her husband, she again moved to an estate in Waverley - where she lives now - but she still experiences hauntings. 

Things got worst and the “ghost” started to make loud noises. The domestic worker, Bertha who has been working with Gizelle since 2009 also experienced some of the hauntings. 

Gizelle’s daughter who is 19-years-old does not believe that there is a “ghost” in the house.

Gizelle desperately needed answers, so The Scenic Drive team roped in the help of resident physic, Gerald Burger, who discovered that the restless soul that is haunting her, is Gizelle's unborn sister, Thereza. 


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