Only in South Africa: Airtime salesman casually interrupts prayer at taxi rank
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Only in South Africa: Airtime salesman casually interrupts prayer at taxi rank

Travelling by taxi every day puts you in a position to witness all sorts of wild and amazing things. These commuters will never think about airtime in the same way again after this hilarious incident.

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People who use public transport every day know that things can get wild at the bus stops and taxi ranks. If you're not dealing with beggars or scowling at people who insist on taking up more seats than necessary, then you're trying your best to get the many, many vendors who are peddling their knock-off sunglasses and perfumes to leave you in peace.

Commuters at Johannesburg's Bree Taxi Rank often have to contend with "travelling pastors" who offer to pray for a safe journey in exchange for a R1 "tip".

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A recent video surfaced showing exactly this kind of prayer session, but this time it had a twist. The man's earnest prayer about protection from accidents and death is interrupted by a nearby airtime vendor's sales pitch. The passengers in the taxi can't believe what they are seeing. 

The man has no regard for the prayer and promptly walks on to the next taxi when none of the passengers buys airtime from him. Like the trooper that he is, the man who was praying carries on as if nothing happened. 

That's how it is at a busy taxi rank. Each person is busy with their own hustle and the show must go on no matter what!

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