'Pawternity' leave is leaving employers hot under the collar

'Pawternity' leave is leaving employers hot under the collar

South African companies have been inundated with requests to start offering ‘pawternity’ leave to workers with new pets.

Who let the dogs out

When buying or adopting a new pet, most owners want to spend quality time with him or her. 

Have you ever heard of 'pawternity' leave? Well, it's an emerging trend among progressive businesses.

'Pawternity' leave offers paid leave for workers who have recently acquired a new pet.

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According to Business Tech, 'pawternity' is a benefit policy that allows employees who have acquired an animal to take paid leave to adjust to life with their new companion.

Employers don't have to wait for legislation to implement pet leave, it's entirely at their discretion. 

Some companies are offering from 10 hours to three days leave to spend as much time with their brand new pet. 

Do you think 'pawternity' leave is a good idea for companies? 

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