PHOTOS: Durban couple celebrates wedding photoshoot at McDonald's

PHOTOS: Durban couple celebrate wedding photoshoot at McDonald's

A Durban couple chose the fast-food restaurant McDonald's as their photoshoot location.

Macdeez wedding shoot 1
Facebook/ Michael Lungani Mia

A newlywed Durban couple, Romano and Taslyn van Blerk, took their wedding photoshoot to the next level.

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The couple was unsure where they should take their wedding photos, and their photographer suggested McDonald's. 

The couple and the McDonald's in Pinetown agreed to it - and the McDonald's staff also joined in on the special moment. 

The photographer, Michael Lungani Mia, wrote on Facebook that this photoshoot was his highlight of 2020. 

So short story , after the wedding we were stressing for venues to shoot , I was like let’s go to McDonald’s 😩 the dope...

Posted by Michael Lungani Mia on Sunday, February 21, 2021

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Photo's: Facebook/ Michael Lungani Mia

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