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Racist on the L-train gets hot soup in the face

Passengers on the subway in New York gave a racist exactly what he deserved.

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This lawyer from New York chose the wrong day to ride the subway drunk. 

On Wednesday, a video showing a visibly drunk man chanting the n-word across the L-train to Brooklyn caught attention on social media. 

Pop culture website reports that the man, who has since been identified as Paul Lawson, was calling a group of teenage boys the n-word. Passengers on the train intervened, and at the next stop the man was thrown out of the train. 

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To make sure that he got the message, a woman is seen throwing a bowl of soup at the man while yelling at him to "get out!".

This woman has since identified herself on Twitter as the rapper Princess Nokia.

Princess Nokia took ownership of her actions, saying that she was ready to take on any racists that might come her way:

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