Rian prepared the best ever vegan pizza for Marius

Rian prepared the best ever vegan pizza for Marius

Following a strict vegan diet sometimes means sacrificing popular fast foods. Luckily, pizza doesn't have to be one of them. Rian organised a very unique vegan pizza for newsman Marius van der Walt. Watch to see if the dish got his stamp of approval. 

vegan pizza
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These days, there is a way to substitute almost any ingredient in a recipe. For people following strict alternative eating plans, this is very good news. 

Though it might take a little more effort, finding a vegan alternative to your favourite fast food treat can be very rewarding. 

Almost as rewarding as watching this 'health expert' explain how to make the best vegan pizza:

That is truly the most satisfying pizza you will ever eat.

We tried the recipe for ourselves, and asked Marius van der Walt, our resident vegetarian if he would give it his seal of approval. 

Will you be trying this simple yet satisfying recipe at home?

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