Does a healthy dessert still qualify as an 'indulgent treat'?

Does a healthy dessert still qualify as an 'indulgent treat'?

Kale has been a popular super food for several years now. There are countless smoothie recipes that incorporate the leafy green vegetable, but what if you are more of a dessert person? Read on to find out how to take your sweet treats to the next level with kale. 

kale dessert
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Kale, a leafy green vegetable with a sharp taste, is the cousin of spinach and broccoli, and has been on the health trend scene for quite some time. 

Everyone loves to try a new health super food, but there's one problem with kale: there's no way to make it less green and bitter. 

But those who are determined to promote healthy eating at all costs have not let this one detail slow them down. If smoothies and salads are not your thing, you can now incorporate kale into baked goods and other desserts.

Genius, right?

But the question is: if a dessert is healthy, is it still technically a dessert?

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