Scottish man reunited with mother after 30 years

Scottish man reunited with mother after 30 years

Ewan Arnott lost contact with his beloved mother Janis Stevenson after she separated from his dad who moved to Scotland with their children. 

Mother And Son Reunited

Ewan Arnott (41), lost contact with his mother, Janis Stevenson after she separated from his dad. After the separation, his dad moved to Scotland with him and his siblings. 

Ewan last spoke to his mother when he was 11. 

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In April/May, a lady called Naomi Dames from Bela-Bela, founded Janis. After years, Ewan got in touch with his mother - and realised that she had fallen into poverty. 

"She was just crying, she was so emotional," Dames told Rian van Heerden.

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Ewan is now trying to get his mother to Scotland, but it will not be easy because she has no documentation. 

Ewan Arnott and his mother, Janis, spoke to the Scenic Drive team after being reunited.

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"The phone call was all about how much my mother missed me," Ewan mentioned. 

"It was a special moment with mixed emotions. It was strange but it was special. I call her as often as I can. That's about three to four times a week."

"I would love to see my mother, but at the moment we cannot travel." Ewan also added that at the moment they have financial issues. 

After Janis Stevenson mentioned that she has a very old phone and communication is very difficult. WeBuyCars decided to step in and help. 

WeBuyCars donated a phone for Janis with data for the next six months and an extra R5,000 for their GoFundMe fund. 

You can help Ewan Arnott to see his mother, Janis Stevenson. Click HERE to help them to reunite in person. 

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