Pretoria man wakes up every day with no memory of his life

Pretoria man wakes up every day with no memory of his life

For over five years, Gerrie Kachelhoffer has no memory of his past life due to a traumatic event. 

Gerrie Kacheloffer
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When Gerrie Kachelhoffer wakes up every morning, his wife Yvonne must introduce herself to him again. 

In a previous interview with Huisgenoot, it was mentioned that Gerrie suffered a major crime event and since the incident, he has lost memory of his past experiences. 

In 2016, Gerrie traveled to Limpopo for work and that night his wife received a shocking message that he was missing. 

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They found his white Toyota Hilux bakkie but his Bible and wallet with R4,000 were missing with him. 

Later that night, they received another message that he is safe in hospital and was spotted by a taxi driver after photos of Gerrie made the rounds on social media. 

Gerrie lost his ability to read and write and was advised to seek medical help. After tests, the psychiatrist confirmed that Gerrie lost his short and long-term memory. 

Gerrie and Yvonne joined the Scenic Drive with Rian to talk about the incident and the struggles they face every day. 

"I can only remember today. Tomorrow morning I will be able to remember anything," Gerrie mentioned.

"I make sure that I wake up before him," Yvonne continued. 

Yvonne said that every morning she must give him basic details or information about his life and family. 

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