Singer and songwriter Lira has found her voice again

Singer and songwriter Lira has found her voice again

The South African songstress is making huge strides following her stroke.

Singer Lira
Singer Lira / Instagram (@miss_lira)

Lira is one of those artists that needs little introduction. Her melodic, enchanting voice is what makes her true to her South African roots.

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Three months ago, Lira suffered a stroke when in Germany. The South African gem's health took a massive turn for the worse after the health scare.

Fans and friends alike were very worried about the songstress. They have been concerned over whether the artist would ever be able to use her enchanting voice again. This became especially worrisome when her family said in a statement that she is unlikely to perform anytime soon after the stroke.

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However, the star seems to be in good spirits after she shared on Instagram: “I can talk now, although I need a little patience. I can read and I can write.”

We are holding thumbs for a full recovery. All the best, Lira.

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