#Straatbraai: Surprises from Jan Braai, 'Hugo, bel die polisie', and Rian's mother

#Straatbraai: Surprises from Jan Braai, 'Hugo, bel die polisie', and Rian's mother

Pretoria North gave the Scenic Drive team a warm welcome!

Scenic Drive Straatbraai
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On Friday, the Scenic Drive team visited Pretoria North for a #Straatbraai - and there were a lot of surprises.

Jan Braai 

Local celebrity chef and TV personality Jan Braai joined the team for the party in Angelica Street, Dorandia - and even tasted some of the listeners' food.

Straatbraai Jan Braai
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Hugo, bel die polisie - viral fight

Rian van Heerden caught up with Wynand from the "Hugo, bel die polisie" video for an emotional interview on the Scenic Drive.

The viral video was recorded by a neighbour in Pretoria North, and it shows a family viciously arguing and fighting.

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Wynand Janssens, the man with the amputated leg, was painting when he heard his wife, Ronel, screaming in the driveway. He rushed to the front of the house and to find people fighting.

Wynand, who lost his leg in a freak accident at work over 25 years ago when a two-ton forklift fell on him, explained to the Scenic Drive team that the fight started because of his son's relationship with the blonde woman in the video. 

R10,000 and a beautiful gravestone

Rian van Heerden invited Wynand to the #Straatbraai in Pretoria North and he brought his famous flamingo painting with. 

At the #Straatbraai, Wynand told the team about his passion for painting, so Rian decided to auction off Wynand's famous flamingo painting. The auction aimed to assist Wynand's family financially.

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During the on-air auction, Wynand explained that he will use the auction money to clean up and take care of his son's grave. A listener phoned in and bought the painting for R10,000. 

The listener further mentioned to Rain that he will also sponsor a beautiful gravestone for his 16-year-old son that died of cancer a few years ago.


Rian's mother

Rian's mother surprised the team - and it made the event even more special. 

Pretoria North Straatbraai
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