Texas woman finds the funny side of road rage

Texas woman finds the funny side of road rage

A woman in Round Rock, Texas could not believe the way two men shamelessly held up rush hour traffic. 

road rage
Road rage is hardly ever logical./Pixabay/Lucky 2013

Texas woman Kelii Williams wanted nothing more than to get to work on time when she left her home in Round Rock.

But she would soon find that others are more concerned with settling a nonsensical dispute than with keeping rush hour traffic moving. 

Captioning the video, "Whose husbands are these at 8:30 a.m. on I-35 blocking traffic?! These fools!!", Kelii shared her experience of having to sit in traffic while the drivers of two vehicles in front of her confronted each other. 

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And it wasn't even an interesting fight: the two men kept lunging at each other but never actually hit each other, presumably because neither wanted to do anything that would land them in jail. 

Kelii is incredulous, commenting about how the two men are "too old" to be behaving this way. 

Eventually the two separate and Kelii stops the video so she can carry on driving. Police were called to the scene, but when they arrived the two men were already long gone. 

Kelii may have been annoyed by the men's insistence on posturing in the middle of traffic, but her good-natured chuckle at their behaviour served to give the incident a lighter feel. 

There are definitely worse things that can happen when road rage sets in.

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