Truck driver attempts to shake off looters, fails

Truck driver attempts to shake off looters, fails

This truck driver definitely has great driving skills, but it was all for nothing.

Truck driver attempts to shake off thieves, but fails

Tom Kruger uploaded this video on his Facebook page showing a truck swerving wildly across the road.

In an interview with News24, Tom and his mom, Libby Kruger, said they were making their way from Port Elizabeth to East London when they saw the truck swerving on the road.

Tom filmed a group of men who climbed on the back of the moving truck, not because he wanted it to go viral, but because he wanted to provide some sort of proof that the truck driver tried his best to remove them.

The group of men used a knife to cut through the bags of what looks like corn.

The two cars behind the truck deliberately drove slowly and over the bags so the thieves wouldn't get any of the contents.

Libby also mentioned that there were men standing alongside the road waiting to collect the bags, which suggests that it was a planned operation.

Unfortunately, the thieves managed to get away with some of the goods, News24 reported.

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